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Multimedia is the most powerful way to communicate with your clients. Most of the fortune 500 companies have their own Audio-Visual Departments. By using video, audio and digital media, such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, they can pass important information of their products and services to the customers effectively.

With the solution of Virtual Audio-Visual Department (VAVD), you can own your Audio-Visual Department without investing several hundred thousand dollars.

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Special price on transfering video to DVD!

Not satisfied with VHS image quality? Want to store your video in a safe way? DVD is the best choice!

We can design Menus, or each project can be custom-configured with your choice of menu background, menu buttons, and fonts.

  • $49/30minutes
  • DVD Disc: $20/DVD


  • Maximum length is 120 minutes per DVD.
  • We accept VHS, S-VHS, miniDV and DVCAM tapes.Other format will be charged with extra trasfering fee.

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